Barry Gravelle csc

Director of Photography


For more than thirty years I have been looking at life, real or faked, through a lens. In 1972 l started to work for The Canadian Press as a freelance photojournalist and later I was taken on staff with The Ottawa Citizen newspaper.

In 1976 I started to work in the Toronto TV Commercial industry as a goffer and coffee boy, and later a truck driver and finally a camera assistant where I worked on a dozen movies clapping slates, then pulling focus.

In 1989 I started shooting as a Director of Photography and during the last 30 years I have shot over thirty feature films, MOWs and TV series, working in Canada, the US and Europe. Between 1989 and 2000 I lived in Montreal where I shot hundreds of TV Commercials, and dozens of Music Videos for bands from The Bare Naked Ladies to Jim Corcoran.

Composition and framing had set me apart from the other photographers in elbow to elbow media scrums as a young photojournalist and composition and framing sets me apart still today in cinematography and photography. I'm known for my hand held work but I am more than proficient on any head including remote heads.

My challenge when lighting is to make the film look, like the director wants the audience to feel. I try to make the film look believable in it’s context and I do it simply and quickly.

Phone: 613 360 8852